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Smarter Loss Protection,
Stronger Financial Performance

LeaseLock's AI risk platform optimizes coverage by asset, unlocking hundreds of dollars per unit of NOI to maximize financial performance. 


Asset Value Generated


In Leases Insured


NOI Per Unit Annually


More Coverage Than Deposits

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Fri @ 12:15 PM | 30min

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The LeaseLock Difference

Zero Deposit, $0 Cost

Properties with lease insurance protect against loss better than deposits and their alternatives, — at no cost to the property.


More NOI, Less Bad Debt

LeaseLock turns unpredictable rent loss and damage into more dependable net income by recapturing revenue before it becomes bad debt.


Optimal Coverage, Faster Leasing

With LeaseLock, owners & operators optimize loss protection, streamline site operations, and control the resident experience.


Reaching Over 1.5 Million Homes